Rebecca and Shivan Summer 2018

Wedding, Rebecca & Shivan – Albufeira Portugal – Photo by Luis Efigenio


Luis Elfigenio, a talented Destination Wedding Photographer created these stunning photos of yet another very special wedding I did last year.

These hugs! this is what my work is all about. Connection, relationship, sharing the joy making sure the couple are happy with the ceremony we have created together.

When you get a call asking if you would be interested in being flown out to the Algarve Coast to stay in Portugal and marry two beautiful young people with an international guest list in a glorious resort…..what are you gonna do?!

Its taken so, so long to publish this, because life got in the way…but it is fresh in my memory as a really special time. This wedding was idyllic and perfect, I felt as though we were actually in a film. Everything, everywhere you looked was stunning…including, as you can see, the bride and her handsome groom. The warm breeze, the subtle colours, the stunning Algarve coastline all created such a uniquely special and unforgettable experience.

Rebecca and Shivan are busy, busy people, at this time they were living the London life, with busy careers. They still took the time to come and meet me in Birmingham, because they were sure i was right for them, and they were a couple who knew exactly what they wanted and needed in their Celebrant. They turned up by train, brought me a box of chocolates and a coffee and shared with me all the special moments of their meeting, ‘courting’ and relationship. They were generous with their time, and their trust. I heard such fabulous stories about his proposal and the sheer romance of their encounter. It would be hard to describe how I feel when people decide that I am the right person for them and that they want to work with me. It is so important to get the right ‘match’. When you are looking for a Celebrant you will have that same ‘gut instinct’ when you find the right one as you feel when you find the right person to share your life with. You just know.

Rebecca was familiar with Celebrancy, because she is Australian and in her home country Celebrants are the usual thing. They decided they wanted to fly out the right person for them rather than compromise and have someone who was more conveniently located. Who was I to argue?!

I shall never forget the long sunsets and the sand between my toes, the laughter and love of two families from very different backgrounds. Think British of Iraqi Kurdish heritage raised in Wales and Australian Catholic resident in London for a short time…and you get the picture. There was unity and joy and shared love. This is when i feel that the work Celebrants do is significant for societies on a very deep level. It is always brought home to me how peaceable and well intentioned most human beings are. When you are given the great privilege of being present at such an occasion its hard to feel anything but genuine humility and gratitude

Wedding, Rebecca & Shivan – Albufeira Portugal – Photo by Luis Efigenio
Wedding, Rebecca & Shivan – Albufeira Portugal – Photo by Luis Efigenio
Wedding, Rebecca & Shivan – Albufeira Portugal – Photo by Luis Efigenio
Wedding, Rebecca & Shivan – Albufeira Portugal – Photo by Luis Efigenio
Wedding, Rebecca & Shivan – Albufeira Portugal – Photo by Luis Efigenio
Wedding, Rebecca & Shivan – Albufeira Portugal – Photo by Luis Efigenio
Wedding, Rebecca & Shivan – Albufeira Portugal – Photo by Luis Efigenio

My first Fusion Wedding

Just 3 of my 2017 weddings!

It really is impossible to describe the satisfaction I derive from my ‘job’. It is pure joy from start to finish. A big thank you to all my lovely customers who allow me to be a part of their most intimate days. Here are just a few of my favourite photos of some of my weddings, there are plenty to follow as I enter the New year planning many more special ceremonies for special people.

Gorgeous Erik and Holly getting married at magnificent Sandon Hall Thanks to Laura Jade Zuber for these beautiful shots
Sam and Jenny’s beautiful woodland wedding in The Wyre Forest. Thanks to Carolyn Carter for her beautiful images
Hand fasting, Erik and Holly’s Mum’s tying the knot in The Orangery at Sandon Hall Thanks to Laura Jade Zuber for this image.
Hannah and Rachel’s special wedding weekend in the Derbyshire hills at Knockdown Cottages.Thank to fabulous Camera Hannah for this image…


Hannah and Rachel


Thanks so much to Camera Hannah for her marvellous video! I loved this wedding. I think the video speaks for itself.

Hannah & Rachel

Turn on the HD and make sure you have volume turned up! It's video time – woohoo! Hannah and Rachel got married and it was one of my favourites ever… I could keep banging on about what a spectacular day it was but why not take a look for yourself? <3Photography and filmmaking by Camera Hannah

Posted by Camera Hannah on Monday, 30 October 2017

Happy Welcome

This welcome banner was perfect for Becky and Korny’s wedding, at Furtho Manor Farm in Milton Keynes, it was vibrant in colour, and involved the children, who loved doing it.  With the Happy tune in the background it set the tone for a very vibrant and inventive wedding. I love them. (and the banner!)

A new take on "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today...."
A new take on “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today….”

Banners and placards are a great way to set the tone of your ceremony and to give people a sense of the wedding being a bit different and informal. Often they take people pleasantly by surprise. Becky’s nephews and nieces ran in to the song “Happy” after the arrival of the Bride, Bridesmaids and Groom. The banner in gorgeous colours had been made to match the brightly coloured wedding colours. I don’t know who made this one, but its a lovely idea to use for involving various members of family in the lead up to the big day. Sometimes there is a member of your gathering who doesn’t like the limelight but enjoys being creative, or children who like to get involved. It was really touching to see them running in beaming to welcome the guests in a less traditional manner.

It is always nice to use visuals where it doesn’t have to be words, and words where only words will do. With a “Welcome banner” or a placard you have all sorts of options, and you can write whatever you like, and anyone can make them. “Daddy, here comes Mummy”, is one I have coming up next year,; “Here comes the Bride” on a placard is really cute carried in by a pageboy. I love this idea, and particularly like the long banner carried by several children. Using them is a way of saying something simple visually.