My first Fusion Wedding

Just 3 of my 2017 weddings!

It really is impossible to describe the satisfaction I derive from my ‘job’. It is pure joy from start to finish. A big thank you to all my lovely customers who allow me to be a part of their most intimate days. Here are just a few of my favourite photos of some of my weddings, there are plenty to follow as I enter the New year planning many more special ceremonies for special people.

Gorgeous Erik and Holly getting married at magnificent Sandon Hall Thanks to Laura Jade Zuber for these beautiful shots
Sam and Jenny’s beautiful woodland wedding in The Wyre Forest. Thanks to Carolyn Carter for her beautiful images
Hand fasting, Erik and Holly’s Mum’s tying the knot in The Orangery at Sandon Hall Thanks to Laura Jade Zuber for this image.
Hannah and Rachel’s special wedding weekend in the Derbyshire hills at Knockdown Cottages.Thank to fabulous Camera Hannah for this image…


Hannah and Rachel


Thanks so much to Camera Hannah for her marvellous video! I loved this wedding. I think the video speaks for itself.

Hannah & Rachel

Turn on the HD and make sure you have volume turned up! It's video time – woohoo! Hannah and Rachel got married and it was one of my favourites ever… I could keep banging on about what a spectacular day it was but why not take a look for yourself? <3Photography and filmmaking by Camera Hannah

Posted by Camera Hannah on Monday, 30 October 2017