Corker of a Wedding!

Helen and Simon gave me 5 days to prepare their ceremony photos courtesy of

This photo sums up Helen and Simon so well. This wedding was organised in 5 days. Helen and Simon’s laid back approach really taught me a lot about the importance of spontaneity and being chilled out about life. The lack of planning with the ceremony created a wonderful flexibility and improvisation. Necessity really is the mother of invention and we discovered that all sorts of people offer their skills at the last minute, including friends who can sing and Groomsmen who double up as ring-bearers. We had so much fun creating the ceremony, it was full of laughter, and music and singing and joy. There were plenty of good tears to!  It made me think about how much we try to control life and how much we plan for so long for things and sometimes (not always) sometimes the most spontaneous of events can be the most satisfying and full of effortless energy. It was a wonderful wedding and very much reflective of who they are as people. Thanks to the brilliant and charming Lee Allen for his photos.