Meet Mr Rich Stokes!

Rich stokes blog copy standingLooking for a wedding song with a difference during your ceremony? Meet my friend and colleague, Writer-Performer, Mr Rich Stokes! He can do songs in a variety of styles, anything you can do with 1 person and a guitar…Indie, Jazz, Folk, Blues,  Metal, Stadium Rock…Rich can play this for you. You might want comical or sensitive, hip hop, soul funk, R & B depending upon the style of your wedding ceremony. This song is actually at a reception and is lighthearted and funny, but it would be different and unique to have a song sung during your ceremony. i would love to collaborate with him to develop something personalised for your wedding. I admire his versatility, he can also learn the song of your choice, anything from The Beatles to Depeche Mode. Rich can also create, compose and perform a song custom-written for you as a couple.  For Lee and Mikki he wrote a custom-made song, Alex & Ian had a selection of songs which were like a soundtrack to the story of them getting together. He was once even asked to play the Wedding March on electric guitar, in the style of “histrionic 80s music”.  A bespoke song for your husband or wife to be written to describe what it is that you love about them during the ceremony would be touching. Rich also writes music for his own shows, and for plays and films.

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twitter: @mrrichstokes