The Bundt Cake is a wonderful retro-styled cake baked in beautiful moulds, and although I could make you any cake really, I love to use these delicate shaped moulds.

I can bake any of your favourite cakes into these shapes and ice them with any if your favourite toppings. So I have decided to specialize in Bundt cakes, because although they are widely available in The States, they are harder to find in the UK and particularly here in the Midlands, and they are a little bit unusual.

My cakes are usually ‘still warm from the oven’, always made with high quality ingredients, real butter, proper farm eggs and absurdly expensive dark chocolate. I don’t believe in compromising when I’m baking, and don’t get complaints.

These cakes were particularly popular in the 1950s and 60s in The States, where they are still a familiar sight and a popular choice.
They are usually bought for special occasions and family gatherings and have a particularly celebratory feel to them. Bundt cakes are like works of art really with their splendid sculptural forms, and even a smattering of icing sugar suffices as decoration, though you can have fresh flowers in the centre of them if you wish. They have a great versatility, elegance and simplicity, ideal for any occasion, perhaps especially a vintage themed party. I had 40 miniature blueberry, almond and lemon cakes and lavender cakes for my 1930s party for my 40th and they were a delicious novelty. Some people took them home as a treat for later. They make excellent desserts with a spot of cream. I recently made a soured cream and orange Bundt which was amazing with a spoonful of soured cream alongside.

I sell my Bundt Cakes in miniature individual, medium and large sizes, and they come in different shapes too.


Miniature/ individual* £3.50, enough for two after a meal unless you can’t leave it alone
Medium £15, enough for 8 slices for healthy appetites
Large £40 These make at least 15 generous slices

Do consider me for supplying your Independent Coffee Shop.
I sometimes have stalls, so do contact me and send me your details if you would like to know when those dates are.
*If you order a large number of miniature cakes for a tower for a wedding the price per unit is less