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Weddings and Civil Partnership Ceremonies, anywhere, inside or out, daytime or night.


An alternative betrothal - for those couples who may not share the same beliefs.

Vow Renewals

Reaffirmation Ceremony to remind yourselves of what you promised and renew that commitment.

Child Naming

Alternatives to Christening such as a Church Blessing, Naming Ceremony or Naming Day.

Adoption Ceremonies

Welcoming a new family member with a celebration of your choice.

Venue Search

Knowledge of suitable venues and where to look, to narrow down your search.


Creative writing written especially for you using words gathered from the people who love you

My Cakes

I make Bundt Cake masterpieces for special occasions and family gatherings.


We sprinkle, blend and infuse the Ceremony with your requirements and personality.

Legal Process

The registration of marriage takes a few minutes of paperwork time, can be done in the senior registrars office and costs between £43 and £69 depending upon the number of certificates you need. You only need to have two people present by law. The Birmingham Register Office website implies that you will have to pay £174 minimum. This is not the case.

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The Celebrant's Role

At ANY Chosen Venue

The celebrant can go wherever you choose at the location for your celebration. This can now be an unlicensed venue!

Make it unique

Your ceremony will reflect your specific needs. Reflecting your interests, heritage, cultures and beliefs.

Create Memories

The Celebrant will enable you to create the content, feeling and atmosphere you need for treasured memories.

Our Happy Customers

Lydia and Miriam’s Summer Pavilion Wedding

testimonial on its way

Archers Naming Ceremony, Dec 2014

Wow! We loved it. You get us. It was perfect (apart from my noisy, disrespectful and now disowned family)!

We loved working with you to bring together such a heartfelt service and for you to then deliver it so beautifully.

 Tracie, Tracy and Archer

Arya Skye’s Naming Ceremony July 2014

I just wanted to thank you properly for Arya’s lovely ceremony on Saturday. I had quite a few people tell me how moving they found it and how they didn’t realise such ceremonies existed.

We really appreciated the effort you put in and how you accommodated all my last minute messages.


Arya Naming Ceremony

Sarah & Peter, Cacela Velha, May 2014

You made everything to do with the ceremony so easy for us. It was the one part of the wedding we never had to worry about. The way you brought everyone together, the way you represented us and our relationship, the way you had thought about every small detail, the love, humour and sincerity you brought to it. And the way you listened to us. jess, we can’t thank you enough.

Sarah & Peter

Sarah and Peter’s Algarve Wedding