Simon and Nikki’s Bonkers wedding 31st May 2019 at Mallory Court

Nikki and Simon’s bonkers wedding

Simon and Nikki were my most recent wedding couple, pictured here on their wedding rehearsal day, prior to the Big Day at Mallory Court. Wedding photos to follow, involving broomsticks. hand fasting, heckling, antics and a great deal of Prosecco and Peroni! Simon Nikki were all about ‘new beginnings’ and becoming a new family. They are also A LOT of fun. They made me laugh continuously and knew exactly what they wanted. I can’t wait to show you some proper wedding photos and testimonials. This wedding was not for the faint hearted! They were really happy with their ceremony and so were all the guests and consequently…so was I. There was a lot of laughter as the Best Man did an improvised turn with the broomstick dancing along the aisle. Tears as the couple made their promises to their respective children and as toasts were made to absent friends and family. There were constant comedy turns and unexpected ad lib contributions from the bride and groom…and an exhausted celebrant and photographer, neither of whom could keep up with their buoyant mood and crazy energy. Simon and Nikki are very in love, passionate and full of hope for the future. When Simon’s brother Nathan told him “I’ve met the woman of your dreams”, he could never have known the consequences of introducing them. A new post with all the photos and more details to follow.

This year I plan to write up a retrospective of my weddings. It is my five year anniversary of weddings and I will be getting in touch with many of my couples and fishing out their pics so that I can share all my lovely ceremonies and show you all the varied possibilities available to you.

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