Wordweave intro

I collect words, given and gathered from others and create bespoke pieces of creative writing for individuals and groups.

With a background in many different fields involving communication and people, I have been writing, variously, all my life. During the past five years I have been developing my ‘wordweaving’ concept. A graduate in Theology from The University of Birmingham, England, I have a keen interest in contemporary spirituality, most of my pieces celebrate humanity, rites of passage, celebrations of relationships. I work at MAC Birmingham, an environment designed to encourage creativity. I have always written to express my feelings, and now see that I can enable others to do the same. Many people say ‘you help us to find words’, others say that I ‘animate’ their words. I am always delighted when people refer to me as a Wordsmith, and refer to myself as a Wordweaver. I use many imaginative ways to enable the gathering of words, and often work in community settings with particular groups.

Here’s a link to my Wordweave Blog